2nd Annual Challenge Cup Update

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The 2nd Annual Challenge Cup is an inclusive and friendly challenge between golf clubs benefiting the First Tee – Silicon Valley to help us grow the game of golf while building game changers in our community. It is an opportunity for golf clubs to demonstrate their philanthropic spirit of giving back to a non-profit closely associated with their favorite past time.

The Sharon Heights – Menlo Challenge Cup started on December 20, 2019 when 28 players from the two clubs played the first match. The event was contested at Sharon Heights and we raised over $16,000 for the benefit of First Tee – Silicon Valley. Sharon Heights won the inaugural match by a score of 201-159 in our unique aggregate point par scoring format.

This year we have 3 Golf Club head-to-head challenge matchups competing for the Challenge Cup:

  • La Rinconada 434 Vs Almaden 410 took place on October 30th and raised $16,750
  • Silver Creek Vs San Jose – November 24th
  • Sharon Heights Vs Menlo – December 3rd

*The Challenge Cup match-ups are organized by club members for members and may not be endorsed by a club’s Board of Directors.

All teams are encouraged to include men, women and seniors in their team tally. Each participant makes a donation to benefit the FTSV to register.  The format is a Point Par Scoring with 100% of Handicap — Net Par 1 point, Net Birdie 2 points, Net Eagle 3 points, and Net Albatross 4 points.

The Aggregate of Top 24 scores from each Club determines their team score. The Team scores will be compared to rival Club to determine each match up Club winner. All money raised by both teams will be donated to FTSV in the name of the winning club plus bragging rights!  The team with highest overall score among ALL Clubs is declared winner of the 2nd Annual Challenge Cup Perpetual Trophy!

We also assembled our own team using the same format as a team building event where coaches and participants from our three locations came together to represent First Tee – Silicon Valley. The match scoring 326 points was played on November 9th at the Golf Club at Moffett Field. There were 27 participants made up of 9 Ace level youth, 9 instructors, 7 volunteer coaches and 2 staff.

If your golf club wants to challenge another club, Contact Development Director, Judy Dixon Deaton to get started 408-508-4881 – judy@tftsv.org.

The donations from the Challenge Cup will allow us to create a sense of belonging for all kids – no matter what walk of life. It will help us build the strength of character that empowers kids through a lifetime of new challenges by seamlessly integrating the game of golf with life skills.