Ace Class Exploring Careers via Zoom

Categories: 2020, Newsletter

This Spring marks the largest enrollment for an Ace class in TFTSV history – 14 participants! Despite the COVID-19 crisis, these participants are taking the Ace-Career Exploration class online via Zoom. Chris Moreno-Hunt, Program Director, and George Maxe, President & CEO, are teaching about self-awareness, types of industries and business functions, informational interviews, planning and resume building.

The self-awareness section guides participants to a better understanding of interests, values, and skills both in general and theirs, in particular. The objective is to help them see the overlap between a “work” personality and careers. For example, individuals with more developed communication and social skills tend to select and perform well in people-oriented careers such as teaching, sales, and human resources.

Two of the hallmarks of the four Ace projects – career, education, volunteerism, and golf – are exploration and goal ladders, a First Tee tool first introduced to participants at the Birdie level. Participants leverage their new self- and work-awareness to learn more by conducting three informational interviews and preparing career action plans using a goal ladder. For example, a current participant who is interested in a career in sports management recently interviewed with John Poch, Executive Director of the San Jose Sports Authority, which is Silicon Valley’s sports commission and founding organization of TFTSV. Of course, Coaches Chris and George are ready to help including making business introductions of participants to potential informational interviewees.

As Ace-Career participants make progress on their career goals, they will surely encounter various roadblocks. Thus, the class also addresses the challenges they may face building upon the “Dealing with Challenges” lesson they had in the Birdie level. COVID-19 has certainly posed its challenges to each of us. We’re proud of our Ace-Career participants for staying in the game with TFTSV by taking this season’s class via Zoom.

Amanda Flores