Alumni Returning as Coaches

Categories: 2020, Newsletter

This summer we are fortunate to have 5 TFTSV alumni returning as coaches – Sapna Desai, Gracie Lacy, Andres Herrera, Noah Covarrubias, and Erica Lam. All alumni progressed to our top Ace level and have 7 or more years associated with our chapter.

They are in a unique position to lead by example. Having the experience as a participant, and volunteer coach provides them with tools to connect with their students. They are carrying on a tradition of alumni returning to our chapter to give back and make a positive difference.

TFTSV believes positive youth development happens through a meaningful, quality relationship between the coach and participant. Mentor coaches are critical to ensuring our participants have an optimum and enjoyable learning environment. Therefore, we are always looking for high quality volunteers to serve as mentor coaches.