Annual Review – 2019

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The First Tee of Silicon Valley (TFTSV) had its highest performing year in 2019 as it reached 14,453 youth – 1,011 Class Participants and 13,442 Outreach Participants. Our youth development program has positively transformed the lives of 81,234 youth through proven on course and at-school programs since 2005. TFTSV also had its highest financial performing year raising $1.235M (20% increase over previous year) allowing $100K for expansion and reserves.

TFTSV Program Snapshot

Class Participation – 1,011 unique participants took an average of 2 classes at our golf locations.

  • 607 at Rancho del Pueblo GC, 290 at Baylands Golf Links/SportsHouse, and 114 at Gavilan GC
  • 56% Return Rate as participants progressed through 5 levels of certification –highest in nation
  • Served 38% Female and 62% Male
  • Served 43% Asian, 30% Latino, 14% White, 8 Multi and 5% Other
  • STEM classes expanded from one to three levels – Par, Birdie. Eagle/Ace
  • Offered Affordable Access by subsidizing $110 of $270 class fee per student cost
  • Provided Financial Aid to 34% of our underserved participants in need by reducing class cost from $160 to $20-$80. 9% increase over previous year.

Outreach Participation – 13,442 youth experienced our DRIVE outreach program and clinics compared to 5,000 in the previous year.

  • 18 in-school PE programs or after-school locations in San Jose (11), Gilroy (3), Redwood City (2), Santa Clara (1) and Sunnyvale (1)
  • Primarily served Title I Schools with low to moderate (LMI) students
  • Offered at no cost to schools through underwriting support
  • Served 47% Female and 53% Male
  • Served 69% Latino, 13% Asian, 11% White, 2% Multi and 5% Other

Youth Opportunities – Various TFTSV youth participated in life skill and golf events and received special recognition through scholarships.

  • Andres Herrera received the TFTSV Dennis Kettman Memorial Scholarship
  • Nicholas Ngai received the TFTSV Joyce Taylor Eagle Award and college scholarship
  • Ralph Kho was selected to compete in the TFT PURE Insurance Championship
  • Rachana Ajjarapu was 1 of 24 girls selected for the TFT John Deere Drive Your Future Academy
  • Borina Sutikto was selected to the Congaree Global Golf Initiative
  • Rishi Ajjarapu and Thai Hoang were selected to attend the TFT Joe Louis Barrow, Jr. Life Skills and Leadership Academy
  • Rhea Advani, Noah Covarrubias, and Varsha Nekkanti were designated as The First Tee Scholars for 2018-2019

TFTSV Youth Impact Metrics

  • Safe haven that provides structure, direction and mentorship to at-risk youth grades 2-12
  • Youth epidemic prevention addressing HS drop-out rate, childhood obesity and social anxieties.
  • 100% of certifying class participants graduate high school
  • 100% of ACE top-level certifying participants attend college
  • More than 80% of our participants reported receiving all A’s and B’s in 2018-2019
  • Participant Surveys reported:
    >90% character-building improvement rating
    >90% better citizens that connect with their community
    > 90% golf skills improved and will be life-long golfers

Financial Snapshot

TFTSV raised $1.235M exceeding the operating budget of $1.135M. The operating budget distribution was approximately 69% for Programs, 6% for Operating (e.g., golf course access), 21% for Fundraising, and 4% for Administration. The revenue distribution from generous donations and contributions was:

  • $310,000 Grants and Foundations
  • $15,000 Corporate Giving
  • $220,000 Individual Giving
  • $190,000 Participant Fees
  • $225,000 Open Golf Tournament
  • $185,000 Invitational Golf Tournament
  • $90,000 Year-End Raffle
    $1,235,000 Total Revenue