Curriculum Sneak Preview Videos – Go-to-Person

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There are times where someone we know struggles to take on a burden alone.  We all eventually experience a situation where our family or close friends need us for comfort, advice, or reassurance.  How we respond in these scenarios can be crucial to their development and ability to overcome a challenge. Now is always the perfect time to become a Go-to-Person!  What does it mean to be a Go-to-Person and how can we be a good Go-to-Person?  This brief First Tee – Silicon Valley Eagle lesson video will give you a glimpse into the importance of being a part of a support network, how you can approach being a good go-to-person, and how being go-to-person can help us in golf as well as in our everyday lives.

Go To Person Video

The golf community includes a culture of assisting one another. One way to build upon that culture is to connect with others through the sharing of course knowledge, self-management tips, and golf techniques.  Sharing simple golf tips like our golf cue phrase (click the link below), “shaking hands with the coach and elf” can be used to assist people in controlling their distance. You never know, helping someone with a swing tip can be a great start to a budding friendship and a bond for life.

Handshake Video