DRIVE Outreach Field Trips

Categories: 2020, March, Newsletter

TFTSV hosted several school field trips at Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course during February. Our goal was to reward our current DRIVE (Develops Rewarding, Inspiring Values for Everyone) partners and students by offering them a field trip at the conclusion of their DRIVE classes. Students were able to experience a typical TFTSV class and transition from hitting tennis balls at school to real golf balls at a golf course.

DRIVE utilizes our golf platform to extend the life skills and The First Tee Nine Core Values to young people who may not previously have been exposed to the game of golf.  The program’s Activity Plans are designed in a way that allows for indoor and outdoor set up to fit a variety of locations such as gymnasiums and soccer fields.  Training and staff support are provided so anyone can deliver DRIVE regardless of their golf knowledge.

In the month of February, we welcomed over 100 total participants from Cesar Chavez, Arbuckle, San Antonio, Anne Darling, Empire Gardens, Generations United, and Bracher Elementary. We are proud to be partnering with youth organizations and schools, many of which are Title I schools with a high percentage of students on free or reduced lunch. For many of the students, their trip to the Rancho Del Pueblo was their first experience at a real golf course. Several of the participants signed up for our 8-week season at Gavilan Golf Course, Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course, and Baylands Golf Links under our financial assistance program.

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