FTSV Youth Selected for Diversity Gen Z Council

Categories: 2021, Newsletter

First Tee – Silicon Valley participants, Nancy and Salma Rivera, were recently selected for the Gen Z Council for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. The Council, made up of more than 90 young leaders across the country, was formed by a coalition of junior golf organizations including First Tee, LPGA Foundation, National High School Golf Association, PGA Junior League and Youth on Course (YOC).

As selected participants of the Gen Z Council, Nancy and Salma will help foster a community of diverse young leaders from across the country by sharing their experiences and perspectives on the current state of golf, what they hope the future of the game looks like and offering solutions for the current social and economic issues surrounding the sport.

They have both been in our program, excelling for 4 years and are currently Eagle level participants. In addition to advancing in our program they are founders and members of their high school’s Latinx Club organizing food drives and participating in community events.

“Our goal for the club included being part of a group that promoted diversity, a group that gives people like us a voice, and also is rooted in community development and enhancement,” says Nancy. “So far we have worked together to organize food drives every week, and supported different causes such as Black Lives Matter, and different organizations that help our environment.”

“At its core, I would argue that golf is the most inclusive sport we can play, but there have been policies and practices at every level of the industry that led to it being predominantly white and male,” says Michael Lowe, Vice President of Programs for Youth on Course and a First Tee –  Silicon Valley Coach. “The Gen Z Council will play a significant role in changing this and I’m so excited to work by Nancy and Salma’s side and follow their lead. Thanks to all of the individuals and organizations who are committed to empowering young people and progressing towards equitable decision making between youth and adults.”

We are supportive and proud of Nancy and Salma’s commitment to making golf a more inclusive and equal space. They will make a strong addition to the council.