Golf Course Video Guide

Categories: 2020, Newsletter

Golf is a game that builds character. It teaches patience and develops resiliency. It is a game that promotes respect and requires integrity. It is also a game where participants can develop interpersonal skills and enjoy each other’s company. Anyone can play, but visiting a golf course can be confusing.

FTSV built a video designed to help people navigate a golf course and understand the different parts of the facility and how to use them. We want to do our part to help all families and individuals feel comfortable and welcomed at a golf course, and we hope this video helps clarify and simplify.

FTSV is committed to breaking down barriers. We understand that golf has its own vocabulary and can be expensive. In response, we are producing videos like the golf course video above, offering financial assistance for our program, and extending discounts on purchasing golf clubs. Additionally, we are providing enrolled participants a discount card to practice on their own, and offering a Youth On Course membership through our website that makes playing golf more accessible and affordable.

For more information on our classes and financial aid please visit our Youth Classes Page, club purchasing please contact, or Discount (Youth on Course) card please visit our Youth Opportunities Page.