Letter – From TFTSV’s President & CEO

Categories: 2020, Newsletter

On behalf of TFTSV’s core staff and board, we hope that you and yours are well. TFTSV’s core staff is doing well, engaged, and productive.

“Dealing with Challenges” and “Playing with Perseverance” are two of TFTSV’s 27 core lessons that are very relevant during this season of sheltering-in-place. It is noteworthy that what we teach the young people in our care applies well beyond golf to other parts of life including how we as individuals, families, organizations, and communities make the best of a public health crisis.

Those of us who work or volunteer for TFTSV do so because we enjoying helping all participants regardless of background be the best versions of themselves and have the best shot at success. Therefore, it’s been very strange to not be coaching and mentoring youth for such a long period – we cancelled our spring classes for 500 participants. However, core staff are keeping their eye on the ball so that we can get straight back to business when we resume classes this summer.

Our team of five full-timers and four part-timers have been working from home on a wide variety of activities/lessons for participants at home and projects to improve our program and business, including our web site. For example, we are building an online resource library of our 27 core lessons, golf cues, and more for participants, families, and coaches to foster learning outside of actual classes. We have created corresponding signs of each core lesson for all to reference at our check-in/-out table for each class to reinforce our curriculum. We will be stronger and better as an organization when we expect to return to classes this summer.

I speak for myself, our staff and our board when I say how enormously grateful we are to our financial supporters. Your prior generosity has been very important during such an unexpected, adverse time as it has enabled us to keep most of our infrastructures (including core staff) intact. While we are excited to return to what we so enjoy – helping participants –, we will do so with serious concerns about TFTSV’s long-term, financial stability. We need our supporters now more than ever.

If you are moved to make a donation, we will surely put it to important use as we pay it forward for the benefit of the youth in our care.


George Maxe