Mentors and Instructors Attended Training

Categories: 2019, Newsletter

Saturday, August 28th saw 20 mentors attend the pre-fall season training. The mentors that attended were 10 adults and 10 juniors (under 18); 12 were new to volunteering and 8 were returning volunteers.

Coach Matt and Coach Chris led the training with a mind towards coaches noticing where the participants are in their Comfort/Stretch/Panic zone.  Understanding these zones goes a long way towards building rapport with the participants and helping them to feel comfortable in class. The mentors took turns being the coach then the participant as they walked through a weekly lesson using the Try-Show-Try-Play model.

The fall instructor meeting was attended by 12 of the fall coaches and focused on the fall goal of “Be more intentional with your coaching.” The instructors made and flew paper airplanes to demonstrate learning through doing vs learning through showing.  They discussed the FAR method – Focus, Ask, Reward, and how this can help students understand both the golf skills and the core values each week.

The instructors also reviewed the parent/participant survey results from the Summer season. The results showed an increase over previous seasonal survey in these areas:

  • “I intend to take another class.”
  • “I had fun.”
  • “I felt part of the group.”
  • “My coach cared about me.”