Pre-Summer Golf Introduction Classes and Field Trips

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TFTSV’S Summer class registration is the highest ever topping 500! Here’s how we did it. On Saturday, May 11th, The First Tee of Silicon Valley hosted a free golf introduction class for students interested in trying out golf and learning about TFTSV classes. Students learned how to apply Perseverance through two of our golf games and worked on our Golf Fundamentals.

TFTSV will host two additional golf introduction classes, one before each 9-week season.  Our next golf introduction class will take place on Saturday, August 10th from 10am-12pm at Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course followed by Saturday, November 9th.

TFTSV also coordinates field trips at Rancho Del Pueblo Golf Course for our current DRIVE schools where students experience their first on-golf course exposure and a typical TFTSV class. DCP Alum Rock, and Franklin Elementary recently completed their field trips while Cesar Chavez Elementary, and Washington Elementary will have their field trip later this month. TFTSV’s school program will reach >6,000 youth in 2019.

Our golf introduction classes and field trips have been a highlight for our coaches. Each class or field trip we have seen the participants find joy and excitement. For some, the excitement comes from playing our games with their friends, to hitting a ball further than they thought they could, while for others the excitement comes from simply being in a new environment and trying something they originally did not think was open to them. One of our golf intro participants said to one of his coaches, “I have to be honest with you, I didn’t think I was going to like this sport or be any good, but I have to say, I’m actually pretty good at this!” Our response was “you never know what you will like or be good at unless you try it.” That is the point of our classes, try it out and see if it clicks.

TFTSV’s Golf Intro Classes and Field Trips are part of our concerted effort to meet the high, growing demand for classes while showcasing Rancho as a community gathering place.

For more information on our golf introduction classes or our school field trips please contact us at 408-508-4884.