Affordable Golf Classes

  • Register for a 8 lesson season in San Jose, Palo Alto, Gilroy, or Redwood City.
  • Open to all youth 2nd grade & up!
  • Each season (12 hours of instruction) costs $180 (financial aid available and can reduce the class cost to $20-$80 based on need).
  • Equipment provided.
  • Please see below for more information about registration, schedule, and classes.



2020 summer Registration Dates

Registration for Summer opens May 13th for ALL participants
Summer program anticipates starting June 9th to August 8th (break 6/30 – 7/4)


2020 Summer – anticipate starting June 9th to August 8th (break 6/30 – 7/4)
(Registration for Summer opens May 13th for ALL participants)
2020 Fall – September 8th to November 7th (break 10/6 – 10/10)
(Registration for Fall opens July 15th for NEW participants; Registration opens Aug 12th for ALL participants)
2020 Winter – December 1st to February 6th (Break 12/22 – 1/2)
(Registration for Winter opens Oct 14th for NEW participants; Registration opens Nov 11th for ALL participants)

Returning Participants – please visit the Participant Private Page for more detailed information about our programs.


Our classes use the game of golf to build character, promote life-enhancing values, and healthy choices. The First Tee Golf and Life Skills curriculum is divided into 5 levels where students are learning and applying The First Tee Nine Core Values, the 27 Core Life Lessons, and 10 Golf Fundamentals. Through this process participants learn to development interpersonal communications, self-management skills, resiliency skills, and goal setting. In addition to learning the life skills, progression in the program gives participants the tools to be competent golfers. The top level of our program (Ace) focuses on career development, post high school education opportunities, and community service.

We create a safe environment that gives our participants the chance to explore the game of golf on their own and with others. All of our coaches are trained in golf and life skill development that encourages success.

We are excited to introduce our new skills advancement classes designed to help golf skill progression. We encourage participants to take both a skills advancement and mandatory certifying class to maximize golf and life skills development in a season!

Skills Advancement Classes (Par Level and Above):

  • Golf Rounds
    • No direct instruction or supervision
    • 9 or 18 hole rounds of golf
    • All 8 rounds can be used towards external scorecard requirements
    • Develop interpersonal and self-management skills by playing with other participants
  • Golf Play
    • Instruction and supervision
    • Combines practice methods and play on the golf course
    • 4 rounds can be used towards external scorecard requirements
  • STEM
    • Instruction and supervision
    • Explore how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) develop and improve golf techniques and on course strategies
    • Learn a problem-solving framework which fosters critical thinking and a deeper understanding of golf
    • Occurs on practice areas and on course
  • Golf Practice
    • Instruction and supervision
    • Learn how to set practice goals and maximize practice efficiency
    • Occurs in practice areas (driving range, putting/chipping green).
  • Private Golf Lessons (outside TFTSV)
    • Individualized lessons focused on golf skills development
    • Visit TFTSV Staff to contact a paid, private instructor
  • PGA Junior League (outside TFTSV)
    • Ages 8-13, May 4th-June 29th
    • Competition Golf
    • RDP Saturday Team and Travel Team (various days/courses)
    • Sign up Information / Questions – Contact Colleen

Certifying Classes:

  • 5 levels: PLAYer / Par / Birdie / Eagle / Ace
    • Part 1 and 2 for each level except Ace
    • Core Lessons (PLAYer – Eagle) – Repetition of levels encouraged to absorb life/golf skills:
      • Interpersonal communications
      • Self-management skills
      • Resiliency skills
      • Goal setting
      • 9 Golf Fundamentals (swing cues and golf etiquette)
    • Ace Level – The level of our program focuses on career development, post high school education opportunities, and community service.


Locations – View which golf course offers classes closest to you.

Who Can Join

The First Tee of Silicon Valley has an open door policy. Any individual 2nd grade through 12th grade can participate regardless of physical ability, behavioral issues, or family finances. We see that funds are made available to families in need of financial assistance and we also provide all the equipment needed for a beginning golfer. If you are concerned about unique circumstances that may prevent your son or daughter from participating, please contact us and we will work with you to make our program available.

For questions, please reach out to a member of our staff listed below by location during our office hours, Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

San Jose & Palo Alto – Chris or 408-508-4884
South County & Gilroy – Manny or 408-508-4887

General or 408-288-2934

Get Your Child Started!

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Parents’ Guide
– The First Tee publishes a Parents’ Guide with detailed info on our curriculum, approach, outreach, and much more. Learn more by visiting our Parents’ Guide pages.