SAGA Foundation Donates $100K

Categories: 2019, May, Newsletter

The First Tee of Silicon Valley owes a sincere thank you to SAGA Foundation led by President, David Bartoshuk for their generous $100K donation to further develop TFTSV program in the Palo Alto-Redwood City area and participation at Baylands Golf Links. The SAGA Foundation assists nonprofits to work smarter, reach further, and have a lasting impact.

David Bartoshuk, President – SAGA Foundation, says, “SAGA Foundation was established to carry out and promote the charitable activities and values of our founder, Bill Laughlin… a visionary who believed critical problems require bold actions through collaboration, open communication, teamwork and entrepreneurship.”

SAGA Foundation and David Bartoshuk stand out in their unique approach as both supporter and partner. Expanding TFTSV’s reach into Redwood City and other cities of southern San Mateo County requires solving some key problems and overcoming some notable challenges. In parallel to their donation, SAGA Foundation made strategic introductions for TFTSV in Redwood City, including to Parks & Rec, Sheriff’s Activities League, and Police Activities League. These new community partnerships with youth-serving organizations have laid the foundation for TFTSV’s program expansion at Baylands Golf Links to ultimately teach life skills to over 1,000 youth there annually. In addition, such partnerships will lead to TFTSV’s programs reaching at least 5,000 more youth beyond the golf course in school and after school.

“David and the SAGA Foundation clearly understand the importance of not just throwing money at a problem.” said TFTSV President & CEO, George Maxe. “They are wrapping their minds around the challenges that we face to reach many more children and are rolling up their sleeves to help TFTSV take specific steps to be successful.” In addition, SAGA Foundation is helping TFTSV’s new youth-serving partners to insure a seamless integration of programs. Most noteworthy is their underwriting of two vans for Redwood City Police Activities League to transport youth to TFTSV programs (e.g., at Baylands Golf Links).

TFTSV is very grateful to SAGA Foundation and looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership.