Statement regarding events surrounding the death of George Floyd

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We are disheartened and upset at the events surrounding the death of George Floyd. The First Tee of Silicon Valley strongly condemns racism and discrimination and believes there is no place in this world for hate and prejudice. Appreciating diversity, respect, integrity, active listening, and empathy are at the core of what we teach the youth we serve. We are determined to continue our mission of building character to shape the leaders of tomorrow and to inspire them to make our community and the world a better place.

-The First Tee of Silicon Valley

Here is the public statement from The First Tee National CEO:

“Society bears the marks of prejudice and injustice, even today. The events over the last week are disturbing and heartbreaking on so many levels. I wish we could shield today’s young people from it, and yet, it’s all around them. As a community of caring adults who come together in support of the next generation, it’s our responsibility to ensure kids build the confidence to find their voice, their footing, and stand up for what is right, even when it’s hard. Our character is a compass, and it is the source of our words, thoughts and actions. Strong character stands against injustice. As we grieve the events happening around us, we have to lead the next generation to higher ground.” – Greg McLaughlin, CEO, First Tee