SVB Foundation to the Rescue

Categories: 2021, Newsletter

The SVB Foundation recently awarded FTSV a $6,500 base grant plus an additional $2,500 for COVID hardship, totaling $9,000. The SVB Foundation is currently focusing on partnering with employees who regularly volunteer to award grants to non-profit organizations that are most impacted by the current pandemic.

Reka Mishra, SVB Financial Group Managing Director (Strategic Initiatives and Quick Wins, Transformation Office) was recruited to join FTSV’s Board in 2019 to be instrumental in providing leadership in the areas of STEM programming and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Reka shared, “I was drawn to their mission to develop youth throughout Silicon Valley, transforming their lives and giving them a brighter future. Being an advocate for STEM, I consulted on their innovative platform to offer under-served youth the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally while exposing them to STEM concepts for improved career choices. I am also proud to serve an organization that holds DEI at the core of their identity and ensures it is part of our culture and present in all aspects of our business.”

The $9,000 grant will underwrite expenses for items related to COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures that address sanitizing guidelines and social distancing protocols at our 3 golf course facilities and office, so we can continue offering classes for our youth participants, many underserved. FTSV has COVID-19 Class Safety Procedures that address safety/sanitizing guidelines and new check in, warm ups and class curriculum with social distancing in mind.

“Dealing with Challenges” and “Playing with Perseverance” are two of our 27 core lessons that are very relevant during this unprecedented time. It is noteworthy that what we teach the young people in our program applies well beyond golf to other parts of life including how we as individuals, families, organizations, and communities make the best of a public health crisis. We work or volunteer for FTSV because we enjoying helping all participants regardless of background be the best versions of themselves and have the best shot at success. Our diversity, empathy and inclusion (DEI) efforts are not a project, program or series of events, but an expression of who we are and a purposeful process to ensure our mission is fulfilled.

Thank you SVB Foundation for providing the necessary funds so we can purchase supplies needed for our 2021 classes. Your grant will allow us to continue providing our youth development program which enable kids and teens to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges by seamlessly integrating the game of golf with life skills.

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