Vision Healthy Habit Leads the Way

Categories: 2018, Newsletter

The First Tee of Silicon Valley participants learn Nine Healthy Habits as part of our education curriculum: three physical, three emotional and three social.  One of the emotional healthy habits is vision.

The First Tee teaches participants that in order to make the most of one’s unique gifts—talents, characteristics and abilities—an individual needs to learn from the past, value the present, create their vision and future to ultimately leave a footprint.

What do we mean by that?  It is the culmination of your life experiences and your abilities that allow you to plan your future or create your vision.  Planning for your future begins with envisioning how you see yourself in 5, 10- or 15-years.  Do you see yourself as a video game creator, a doctor, a golf professional, or a mechanic?  What would you need to do to make that vision a reality?  Using your vision can help you plan your next steps to create that future.