Coach Spotlight: Meet Keith Thomas

Categories: 2020, Newsletter

Coach Keith has been one of First Tee- Silicon Valley’s most consistent, long-time Program Instructors. He began in 2011 and has coached with us each and every year delivering the First Tee’s curriculum and mentoring hundreds of participants from the PLAYer level up to the Eagle level (1st to 4th levels). Several of the students he coached have enjoyed the experience he provided so much so that they returned to be coaches themselves.

According to FTSV President & CEO George Maxe, “Over the years, Keith has embraced the First Tee curriculum and expanded his capacity as a coach. As a result, he has taught PLAYer, Par, Birdie, and Eagle levels. We are fortunate to have him on our team.”

“First Tee,” says Keith, “is an all-inclusive place where you can be yourself, learn about yourself, and grow your character. It provides a venue to discover new or different ways of performing a task or reaching goals. It allows you to explore and develop yourself as well as cultivate new relationships and friendships. Coaching with FTSV has impacted me by opening my eyes to the core values we teach and how I use them in my daily life. It has made me aware of how many times I rely on those values. I have learned the value and importance of treating everyone with respect.”

In addition to coaching our golf and life skills, he took on a leadership role one year by coordinating our participant opportunities and assisting our upper level participants with their national participant opportunity applications and essays.

According to Program Director Chris Moreno-Hunt, “Coach Keith has been a staple of our organization for almost 10 years. In addition to reaching the top level of First Tee’s national coach trainings, he is always thinking of ways to improve the program, and is committed to mentoring and bringing the best out of his participants. We are thankful to Keith for elevating our program and for playing an important role in FTSV’s development.

Coach Keith’s experience and curriculum knowledge makes our program a better place. Thank you, Coach Keith!

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